A3 Performance that was  founded on 13th Feburary 2013 is a one stop performance centre for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts  are often left to fend for themselves while creating a support-team to help them attain peak performance in their sport and/or their daily life.

For an Athlete or an aspiring, building a holistic health regime that helps him attain his peak performance, he would ideally work with a strength and conditioning specialist, physical therapist, nutritionist, soft tissue specialist, sports psychologist, and a host of other specialists who would then have to find a way to work seamlessly around the needs of that athlete.

A3 Performance, is that one place where every athlete’s every need and demand is met through a combination of experts under one roof, creating an ecosystem that allows him/her to reach his peak performance while in competition.

For an Individual, A3 performance understands the need to build customised exercise plans that are based on their genetic built, to allow them to attain their highest performance in day to day activities.