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Co-Founder at  A3Performance
“As an exercise coach whose expertise lies in the field of Human strength conditioning  and High Performance Athletic training. I specializes  in the field of exercise science rehabilitation and corrective exercise.”

Way of Work:
Train athletes to lead a high performance life.
Build programs for individuals to perform daily activities by optimizing his/her function while achieving aesthetic performance.

ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certified Trainer

NCA level "o" trainer,BCCI

Program design specialist,CHEK Institute USA 

Scientific core training, CHEK Institute USA

Scientific back training specialist, CHEK institute USA

Movement that Matters, CHEK Institute USA

Core Training Specialist, DSW fitness USA


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Co-Founder at A3Performace

“Sport has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! Having represented KARNATAKA  in Basketball and Tenpin bowling, it only seemed natural to have a career in sport.”

Way of Work:

 "Help athletes deal with competitive stress and cope with set backs."


B.A Degree in Psychology 

Certified Sports Psychologist ABSP (USA)

Lifestyle Coach